What We Do

Our open innovation programmes create collaborative opportunities
between technology partners such as startups, operational end-users,
homeland security engineers, and scientists.

Our Programmes

What We Do - Woman in tech - Hatch

Technology scouting: Market trend analysis, global scouting and validation of emerging technologies and startups across industry verticals.

What We Do - team of computer engineers working together - Hatch

Dimension X, Open Innovation Challenge: Tech acceleration programmes that attract and validate dual-use technologies for homeland security use-cases and challenges through collaborative development with operational end-users and technical staff.

Technology Scouting 

From developing a deep understanding of our end-users needs to the acceleration of collaborations, we are methodical and intentional in our approach.

Our Process


Definition of end-users’ challenge areas.


Startup scouting and validation.


User engagements and iteration.


Curation of startups for end-users.


Facilitation of collaboration areas between end-users and startups.


Accelerate and support collaborations.

Dimension X, Open Innovation Challenge

Dimension X, Open Innovation Challenge, is our programme to accelerate and validate dual-use technologies that are globally crowdsourced, which address challenges and demonstrate a new capability.

Participating startups will typically receive non-equity funding for the Proofs-of-Concept or trials and opportunities to collaborate with operational end-users, homeland security engineers and scientists across Singapore’s Home Team.