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Wanted: Innovators to Transform Public Safety and Security

Are you running a deep tech start-up or an inventor developing disruptive technologies? Want to see your technologies protect the public and secure neighbourhoods and borders everywhere? Be part of Hatch — the first innovation centre in Singapore focused on public safety and security.

We Keep Things Simple

We know that collaboration between start-ups and the government can be challenging. With our know-how, we keep things simple for an effective process.


With our direct access to Singapore’s Home Team – end users, scientists, and engineers, we research and identify operational needs and challenges.


With our global access to trusted partners and domain experts, we validate start-ups with the right technologies – both the effective and the unusual.


We enable meaningful and effective collaborations between start-ups and public agencies through our funded and accelerated technology validation programmes.

We forge collaborative design partnerships between global start-ups, operational end users, and homeland security scientists and engineers.

Our Latest Innovation Challenge

Join us in developing tomorrow’s technologies to keep the public safe and secure.

AI & Data Analytics

  • Detect deepfake media – images, videos and audio 
  • Develop AI-powered solutions to transform unstructured video data into actionable insights 

Emergency Response and Operations  

  • Detect anomalous objects on varied underwater surfaces​
  • Enable real-time communication in signal-denied environment
  • Intercept UAV using munition means


  • Perform forensics matching of discharged bullets to firearm without test-firing
  • Extract telemetry data from 2D videos streams
  • Enhance and elevate fire investigations for determining origin and cause of fire

People Analytics & Profiling

  • Perform predictive people analytics using diverse data sources for recruitment and leadership development
  • Perform profiling & insights creation with bio-signals

Out-of-the-Box Innovative Technologies

  • Seeking highly innovative and impactful technologies relevant to public safety and security

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Want to find out more about how you can participate or collaborate to create an innovative impact on public safety and security? Drop us a message.