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We bring technologies from innovative companies globally
to trailblaze innovations for public safety and security.

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About Us

We focus on the end-users
Established by Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX), we are well-positioned to partner with the end-users in identifying innovative solutions and game-changing technologies. 

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We curate technologies across sectors and industries
We scout across industry verticals to identify the right technologies and companies to be tested in the Home Team’s mission space.

We forge collaborative design partnerships
Our platforms and programmes unite global tech startups, Home Team end-users, with HTX engineering and scientific talents from day one.

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We are globally connected
We are connected to innovation ecosystems globally, and are always on the lookout to expand our networks meaningfully.

Hatch is established by Singapore’s Home Team Science and Technology (HTX) as an innovation hub for public safety and security, in collaboration with SOSA. It was launched on 30 May 2023 by Minister K. Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, Singapore.

About HTX

HTX is the world’s first Science and Technology agency that integrates a diverse range of scientific and engineering capabilities to innovate and deliver transformative and operationally- ready solutions for homeland security.

As a statutory board of Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs and integral to the Home Team, HTX works at the forefront of science and technology to empower Singapore’s frontline safety and security. Our shared mission is to amplify, augment and accelerate the Home Team’s advantage and secure Singapore as the safest place on planet earth.

*The Home Team refers to collectively the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) which consists of MHA Headquarters, 7 Home Team departments, and 3 statutory boards.

About SOSA

SOSA is an open innovation company. It works with innovation teams and business units in corporations, cities and governments. Scouting and validating startups and technologies to bring clients solutions they need to solve acute problems, identify opportunities, or build new products. In Singapore, SOSA works through its partnership with Knovel Engineering.

About Knovel Engineering

Knovel Engineering is passionate about tapping into emerging technologies to solve tomorrow’s challenges. It helps customers confidently pursue their transformation dreams together by listening with empathy, offering practical recommendations and building effective solutions.

What We Value

Our internal compass guides the way we work.
Impacting Public Safety & Security

Creating a Deep Impact on Public Safety and Security

While we love working with visionaries and dreamers – we are pragmatists too. At the end of the day, we seek to accelerate technologies into the public safety and security mission space.

Putting the User first

Placing the User at the Centre

We put first things first and major on the major – i.e. the end-users’ needs and challenges. At our core, we are relentless in driving deep clarity on the operational challenges of our end-users.

Matching Pragmatism with Adventure and Creativity

Seeking Adventure and Creativity

We believe that technologies with exponential and force-multiplying potential exist – by venturing widely across sectors and industries. We think out of the box to identify game-changing solutions from the unusual.

Want to have a positive impact on public safety and security? View our latest innovation challenge!

Our Team

Mok Shao Hong

Mok Shao Hong

Centre Director

Wilson Ng

Wilson Ng

Senior Open Innovation Manager

Leon Yip

Leon Yip

Senior Partner Success Manager

Lydia He

Lydia He

Open Innovation Manager

Chiko Ben David

Chiko Ben David

Program Director

Gerald Chow

Gerald Chow

Program Manager

Lior Eitan

Lior Eitan

Chief Analyst

Venezia Tay

Venezia Tay

Senior Analyst

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