Spotlight #1 Post Event

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Insights & Articles

Spotlight Post Event

On 27 July, Hatch held its inaugural spotlight on emotion detection and recognition using AI. The spotlight event successfully exposed our end-users from the home-team departments to the innovative technology and its vast potential for public safety and security. Through the event, participants learned more about how different AI algorithms identify and analyse emotions and their potential use cases.

Mr Kee Ein Cern, Deputy Director of Profiling at HTX, was also invited to share his expertise and experience. He shared about flagging out suspicious personnel and using real case studies and data to identify emotions and changes linked to people with malicious intent.  
Lastly, 4 invited startups (Opsis, Novacy, Voicesense, Motiv8AI) with innovative technologies in emotional AI pitch their solutions. Our participants gained insights into the new development in the Emotional AI technologies and their roadmap for the future. Participants mingled and had a closer look at some of the demonstrations by the startups at the end of the event.  

Through this event, Hatch opened the doors to future collaborations and kickstarted discussions about the potential deployment of emotional AI technology. 
It was a fruitful evening of learning, and Hatch is glad to have brought value to the home team departments.   
At Hatch, we are dedicated to providing the necessary resources and guidance to empower our end users.

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