Jun 2024 Newsletter

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Insights & Articles

Dimension X Cohort 3 takes off with the onboarding week for our global start-ups!

Our 3rd cohort visited Singapore for an onboarding week dedicated to fostering connections and setting the stage for a successful programme. Hailing from six countries, the ten start-ups are Barricade AI, CLIKA Inc., Extreme Simulations, Graylark Technologies, Inc., LIVR , nami, Polygeist, SharkSense Ltd., SpectraCann, Voicesense! They met their respective HTDs and HTX champions in person for the first time to align their vision, set clear expectations through tailored roadmaps and specific goals for the POC period.

Besides setting the stage for the programme, start-ups attended curated sharing sessions by partners such as Microsoft, Nvidia and SOSA, and were equipped with tools for effective pitching from workshops on deck design and pitching. The cohort visited galleries like the Harmony in Diversity Gallery and the Singapore City Gallery to better contextualise Singapore’s rich history and culture. With such a nuanced introduction to Singapore’s rich multi-religious, multi-racial tapestry, and its unique history and development, this deeper understanding of the city’s intricacies helps to anchor their POCs for holistic operational deployment.

With the new connections building alongside great innovations for the future of public safety and security, we’re certain that you won’t want to miss the 4th Cohort of Dimension X: Demo Day!

LIVR, an extended reality (XR) technology with retail and construction application focus ‘chope’d’ for HFS CoE’s use case!

What if the virtual could augment the physical? That may be the reality of our situation! On 24th May, LIVR, one of the 3rd cohort of Dimension X winners commenced their POC with HTX end-user Human Factors & Simulation (HFS) Centre of Expertise (CoE) at Hatch.

LIVR specialises in creating immersive digital and augmented experiences through their technology. Their approach is full-stack solution encompassing every stage from inception, capture and to end-user delivery. This gives them a unique and comprehensive perception of the entire extended reality (XR) process (VR, AR and MR), which empowers LIVR to continuously innovate and tackle complex challenges. Their collaboration with the HFS CoE is meant to push the boundaries of VR interactions and pave the way for even more immersive experiences!

Silicon Valley Synergy: Hatch Teams Up with BLOCK71

What we do at Hatch is opening the hatch for you to access start-ups and technologies beyond Singapore! Hatch had the privilege of bringing together the start-up ecosystem from the centre of start-up haven Silicon Valley through hosting a networking event on innovation for public safety and security.

On the frontlines of innovation with us were our first US-based start-ups (from our 3rd Dimension X cohort!) Barricade AI, CLIKA, and Graylark Technologies. They shared how a Singapore-USA collaboration in public safety and security could look like by introducing their upcoming proofs-of-concept with the Singapore Home Team. Managing Director of the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) Melissa Oh took the stage after to share even more exciting innovation opportunities with SVIP.

This networking event was made possible thanks to our partners BLOCK71 Silicon Valley and Singapore Global Network. It was amazing to witness the room filled with people passionate to push the boundaries of public safety and security to make the world a safer place.

We plan to host more networking events in other parts of the world in the coming annual year, and look forward to bringing in more global start-ups to join us on our mission to innovate in our upcoming Dimension X Cohort 4!

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